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Let me help you to achieve your GOALS! Regardless of your experience, whether you are new to Flying, Student Pilot, or a Commercial Pilot preparing a Job Interview I’m here to help You out through a pilot training online 1-on-1 zoom call.

Throughout my 15+ Years career as a Pilot and Instructor, I trained more than 300 students both on the ground and in the Air ranging from Beginners to Boeing 737 Captains maturing around 8000 Hours of flight!

So, I am positive I can help you out with any doubts you may have.

Don’t hesitate to book a 1-on-1 conference call with me. Simply specify how many sessions you want to do, the topic you would like to discuss and we arrange Your private Pilot Training session on Zoom.

Still in doubt? Contact me and I will answer you soon!

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5 reviews for Pilot Training Online | 1-on-1 Zoom Call

  1. Matteo (verified owner)

    I contacted Gabriele during my Private Pilot Course to discuss VFR Flight preparation and Performance. He really helped me understand how to properly prepare a VFR Flight. Strongly recommended if you are struggling with any Pilot Training Topics.

  2. Aris (verified owner)

    After watching almost all of Gabriele’s videos during my ATPL knowledge brush up, coming out fresh from my CPL skill test, I decided to arrange a zoom meeting to talk in person and gain some extra knowledge regarding commercial aviation and how to properly prepare for future interviews. We had a great super friendly and understanding conversation about a variety of aviation subjects including some tips and sources I didn’t know about, that honestly widen my perception. I would recommend everyone who wants to be a future commercial respected aviator to have 1v1 conversations with people like Gabriele

  3. Daniele (verified owner)

    Gabriele helped me to prepare for the MCC course on Boeing 737. He taught me the principles and the assets of the cockpit, he has been very helpful to orient me and to understand the main functionalities in this matter. He is very professional and I highly recommend him.

  4. Antoine (verified owner)

    Thanks to Gabriele’s help, I passed my airline interview!
    His 1 on 1 was really helpful in refreshing my knowledge and increased my confidence, plus Gabriele was able to adapt the preparation specifically for that airline interview.
    I highly recommend Gabriele’s services to anyone preparing an interview, it’s an excellent investment.

  5. Thomas

    I contacted Gabriele to prepare me for the airline interviews. During the first zoom meeting, he explained to me in detail what to expect about the technical issues, the appropriate attitude, the simulator assessment. During the second zoom meeting, he played the role of the recruiter and he helped me to improve my answers.
    He sent me documents and videos to review to improve my skills.

    Gabriele is very friendly and understanding, I highly recommend him and I feel stronger and better prepared for the upcoming interview

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