Home Flight Simulator Session


If you are a Simmer that would like to take your Virtual Flying skills to the next level this is the right place for you!

I can help you to improve as a Simmer by training you while you fly sharing the screen with me.

Throughout my 15+ Years career as a Pilot and Instructor, I trained more than 300 students both on the ground and in the Air ranging from Beginners to Boeing 737 Captains maturing around 8000 Hours of flight!

So, I am positive I can help you out on your Journey as a Virtual Pilot!

This is your chance to receive a remote Training session from a Real Airline Training Captain while you are Flying in your own Home Flight Simulator.

Don’t hesitate to book your First Training session. Simply specify the area you would like to practice and we’ll arrange Your Private Virtual Pilot Training session.

Still in doubt? Contact me and I will answer you soon!

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