About Me

About Me

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Hey there, Ir’s Gabriele here, and I’m very happy to welcome you on board!

On the 7th of May 2005 I flew for the first time, the Aircraft was a TB-9 (I-IAFQ). I clearly remember that day and all the emotions I felt. More than 15 years have passed and since then I made a lot of experience.

During my Pilot training, I was working as a Teacher, Ground Instructor, Airport Gas Man, and Insurance Agent. That was a very busy period, to say the least :).

But I made it, I worked hard and after three years and a half I passed my Commercial Pilot License Skill Test.

During the summer of 2009 together with a friend we rented out 2 planes, a Cessna 206 and a Cessna 182, We performed Skydiving operations, that was great fun!

Just to give you an example, on a few occasions we had to fly with a DOG around Europe…The DOG was not small, you can imagine the face of the Airport Manager when we were disembarking our only and unique Passenger.

On another occasion, we had a queue of Skydivers ready to Jump, however, we couldn’t start the operation because the aircraft was locked… WITH THE KEYS INSIDE.

Shortly after that summer at the age of 23, I received an invitation for an assessment from a European Low-Cost Airline. I prepare that assessment down to the details, and I knew that my biggest handicap would have been the foreign language. 

I was an Italian young man with basic English. That was my biggest concern.

I kept asking myself the question: ”How can I pass an assessment if I don’t understand them?”

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Pilot Climb

I kept on preparing the assessment, studying English and I tried to stay positive at all times.

A few weeks after the assessment I received that, very waited, phone call…


Shortly after I received the contract, I HAD to pay 30000€ for the Type Rating one month prior to the course starting date.

At that point, I didn’t have a single Euro left in my pocket. I spent all I had (and more) on Pilot Training to get where I was. All the Banks were saying the same thing ”You cannot apply for the loan because you don’t have enough collateral”.

After work I was bouncing from one bank to another, just to hear the same answer: NO.

I was disappointed with the system, but then something special happened and a few close friends and family lent me the money. So I started the course.

I cannot emphasize enough how stressful was that period, I was so close to making my dream come true and, at the same time I was so far away…. 30k€ far away.

And here I am after Flying for more than ten years as a Professional Pilot maturing around 8000 hours of Flight Time and covering different positions such as Cadet, First Officer, Captain, and Line Training Captain on the Boeing 737.

I know how difficult and challenging the Pilot Training process can be, and this is one of the main reasons why I decided to help you and make this journey a bit more comfortable.

I really hope I can help you with my Blog! 

Don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below if you have any questions!

I wish you a Safe Flight.



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